Friday, June 22, 2012

Microsoft Tablet - Microsoft Surface

A few days ago Microsoft announced it's 'tablet' - the Surface.  This tablet PC is more than imagined.  There are many accounts of various people proclaiming that Microsoft "copied" Apple.  In contrast to their ignorance, Microsoft came out with the Pocket PC in 2000.

This Microsoft Surface - Tablet PC sports a sleek design, and robust power.  It's definitely set to rival the iPad 3 - but seems to have better design.

The tablet is similar to the rest in layout.  It has two unique screen covers.  One is a touchscreen keyboard and touchpad, while the other is actual keys found on something such as a laptop keyboard.  Both turn the tablet into so much more.

The Surface has a thin, built in kickstand on the back, ideal for standing it up to begin typing or viewing pictures and videos hands free.

My personal opinion is that the Surface will be well worth the money spent on it.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Moving Forward

300 page views for 2 months?  I've got a long ways to go for gathering audience.

This blog is oriented on tips... so there's going to need to be some time to organize what is outdated and what needs to be taught or explained more.

Feel free to email CurlTech Solutions with any questions you'd like to be discussed.