Saturday, February 4, 2012

More cores, or more clock?

I just recently placed an order of parts to get my brother set up with a new system.  I got to looking at the options for processors.  I wanted to get at least a quad core build going here.  However, there are now 6, and 8 core systems out.  For the general end user!  Seriously, 8 times the cores of what the average computer was 4 years ago.  Why are computer that are 8 years old still around then? Because of the developers, people.  Single core processors have just began to reach a maxing out limit for the general end user now, making a dual core more of a necessity.  A lot of people overlook the fact that software is not focused on being developed for the quad and sexa-core builds.  Do not worry about multi-cores as much as clock speed.  The next time you want to purchase a six core processor running at 2.6GHz, think about getting the quad core at 3.5GHz instead.

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