Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google's announcement for March

Many of you probably already know that Google likes to collect your search habits.  This makes ad marketing much more successful when they are targeting users based on their habits.  Since I like computers, and certain online retailers...I notice that any site owned by Google or that has Google ad-sense running happens to display ads of exactly what I like or from websites that I visit.

In March, however, Google will not only be scanning your search results, and website destinations...but also your e-mail from Gmail, videos that are fully watched on YouTube, Documents pasted on Google Docs, items bought from websites using Google's Store package, and likely anything viewed using their Chrome Browser.  With this, they will have much more data collected and throw advertisements that match you even more.  Some people already believe they do all of this, however I believe that they haven't yet put the data collected into full use like they say the will be.  Time will tell, but if they stick to their word (almost always) then end users will know the power of Google, and the privacy lost by using it.

Ironic enough, Blogger is provided through Google.  I think I will still use Google, but I wouldn't suggest it to the naive internet users, who will click on any ad relevant to them.  And in this case, that will be every single one.

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