Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday & Symantec Lawsuit

One more day until the weekend.  Thursdays are pretty good days.

CurlTech Solutions has been updated with a new blog link and icon, maybe some Google bots will bump it back up on top for searches.  0 Visitors so far, but it's only been about 24 hours, so I shall give it more time.

Finally someone from California filed against Symantec for using 'malware scare tactics' to sell their programs.  Many people fall for these scare tactics every day.  At least half of my business is fighting malware, removing fake programs and such because the end user has fallen into the scare tactic's trap.  I have been against Norton Anti-Virus for many years after having to remove it, and noticing how many 'craplets' it really has.  Norton has sub programs developed that are what I like to call scareware.  They claim to solve your problems, and after you install them and execute them, they will provide false scan results claiming your system is infected and you need to install a provided program, or pay a fee to remove the infected files.  According to the recent articles I've read, Symantec intentionally designed its scareware to give out false readings, in an extremlely ominous manner, that your system has problems...regardless of the computer's true condition!  Wonderful.

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