Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA, Google, and Wiki!

Anti SOPA seems to have just become a new fad.  I remember 2-3 months ago reading about SOPA and petitioning, and now...everyone and their pet rabbit are talking about censorship on the internet.  Who knew Fahrenheit 451's theory not only applied to books, but also the internet!?  Anyways, since it's been a pretty hot topic recently...I figured I would post about it.  SOPA is all for stopping online piracy. (Stop Online Piracy Act) -  I must say, that thought scares me.  The problem is, censoring one part of the internet (pirate sites) will lead to more censoring, it will spread like a virus.  Ironically, .org domain names were immune to the act, since they are 'Legal Organizations'... and one friendly site I know of that has one of the largest torrent links in the world happens to be a .org domain.  That's comforting, somewhat.  However, SOPA in my opinion is a bit behind.  Many large sites are turning over to magnet links.  These are... more or less, untraceable *(to a pretty large extent).  It will be interesting to see how things fold out.  Whether SOPA passes or not, sadly I believe it will just be the start of more censorship of different types to come.

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